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The Bun Bun Brigade

you can adopt a bun!!!

​You can bring a perfect little furry bundle of love home to keep for your very own.  To get started, fill out the adoption form and return it, and just for good measure drop us a line.

​        Contact Form

You can foster a bunny!

We only have so much space.  If you are interested in offering room to a little angel in need, then we will have more room to save more bunnies, and you should definitely go ahead and call or message Chelsea.  She can tell you everything you need to know about fostering.


You can volunteer!

Quite often a bunny needs a ride.  Sometimes it's a ride to the doctor's office, sometimes to the rescue from another rescue or vice versa.  

We need other help now and then (You can help on cleaning day--the plus is you can hug ALL the bunnies.), and if you'd like to offer your time, definitely call or message Chelsea.  


You can donate via PayPal!

You can check out our Amazon wish list!

How can you help?